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Trey Vincent

Real Name: Trey Vincent
Birthdate: March 23, 1976
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Height: 6'4'
Weight: 265 lbs.
Nicknames: CWA (Champion With Attitude), The Sports Entertainment Icon, The Franchise Player, TV
Status: Face
Entrance Music: "Not All Who Wander Are Lost" by DevilDriver (John Leary note: Trey has changed his theme music a LOT. Other entrance music has included "All Hail The New Flesh" by Strapping Young Lad; "We Will Rock You" by DJ Hurricane featuring Scott Weiland; "Big Egos" by Dr. Dre; "Empty-Handed" by Michelle Branch; "N.W.O." by Ministry; "I Wanna Be On TV" by Green Day; and 'Pussy Liquor' by Rob Zombie)


Wrestling Style: Arrogant Brawler

Setup Move: Coming Down (Over the shoulder belly to back piledriver (Kryptonite Krunch))

Finisher: Big Time Fist Drop (Bounces off every side of the ring and delivers one last punch to his opponent's body, usually when they are completely out, sometimes just for fun)

WWC Titles: WWC World Champion
WWC Awards: None as of Yet

Past Promotions: Extreme Wrestling Scene, Metal Edge Wrestling, jOlt Wrestling, Lethal Championship Wrestling Evo, Pinnacle of Insane Wrestling, Xtreme-Wrestling, Internet Wrestling Organization, Brawlers On a Budget, Action! Wrestling, World Wrestling Corporation
Past Championships: EWS European Champion, BOB ONLY WORLD CHAMPION THAT MATTERS, BOB Are You Out Of Your Frickin' Mind Hardcore Championship, BOB Not Good Enough to Fight Alone Tag Team Titles, BOB You Gotta Have Friends/Four-Play Tag Titles, WWC World Champion

Past Tag Team: Team EGO

additional bio info from Pinnacle of Insane Wrestling (PIW)

Two words. Sports entertainment.

Two more words: Trey Vincent.

Trey Vincent IS sports entertainment. And if the Franchise Player is here, that means one thing. Great TV. TV = Ratings. TV is controversy, controversy = ratings. Do the math.

While in the Pinnacle of Insane (Censored) the Sports Entertainment Icon joined up with a man by the name of Sean Studd, making everything that came before that point irrelevant. Together, they combined to create the most outrageous, controversial entertainment EVER. Pissing off fans of the company? They do it without caring. Pissing off members of the company, management, Internet smarks?

Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all.

The world revolves around them. You can play in it, but just remember, they rule it. And if you don't believe they rule it, just ask them.

They are Entertaining.

They're Gorgeous.

And lets face it.

They are Outlaws.

Team EGO.

Everyone has one. Theirs is just bigger.

Trey Vincent Match Writing Aid

General Information

STYLE: WWE Main Event Style

FINISHER: Coming Down, an over the shoulder belly-to-back piledriver (aka Emerald Fusion), ususally followed by the Big Time Fist Drop, where TV bounces off two sides of the ring if face (four if heel) and delivers a stalling fist drop, which looks similar to "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase's signature fist drop.

Aerial Manuevers

BASIC: BWAHAHAHA! Trey rarely flies.

TRADEMARK: Moonsault (seldom, if ever)

Brawling Manuevers

BASIC: High energy punches, kicks, and stomps; ace crusher (followed immediately by a crossface); clothesline; Thesz press with added brawl tactic (punches, knee to groin, slap, or choke...anything you can do from that position, he'll try); leg drop; knee drop to face;

TRADEMARK: Big Time Fist Drop (think People's Elbow, but with a fist); superkick (preferably when opponent on knees), Clothesline From Minnesota (ultra-stiff clothesline)

Grappling Manuevers

BASIC: Minneapolis leg sweep; Cliffhanger (uranage slam); DDT, suplex onto top rope followed by neckbreaker; fallaway slam; sitout powerbomb; T-bone suplex; Hot Shot; Scrub-buster (overhead spinebuster slam); Iceberg (stalling suplex into powerslam); belly-to-back powerbomb

TRADEMARK: Glass Ceiling (pedigree); Shocking Conclusion (stunner); Through The Roof (Fisherman suplex brainbuster)

Submission Manuevers

BASIC: Fujiwara armbar; elevated Boston crab; sharpshooter

TRADEMARK: crossface (set up by ace crusher);

Wrestler characteristics

-He rarely goes to the top rope. It would be strange for him to be up top more than 2 or 3 times in a match. His favorite move from the top rope is a moonsault, and this is for bigger matches.

-When in control, he will have sport a cocky smile

-No nagging injuries. Just the usual routine ones. He has managed to evade serious injury in his career.

-This is sports entertainment, not wrestling.

-He will talk smack during the match if he can.

-He will attack anyone, man or woman, or even dog. If they're out at ringside with his opponent, he will more than likely attack them when he's in control.

-Generally a heel, Vincent gets face pops nonetheless. He really doesn't play either unless he doesn't something in the match to get the fans on him.

-Rarely goes for submissions, likes to pin his opponent.

-Vincent can be beaten by submission or pin.

-While not a hardcore sports entertainer, Vincent began in this area and can easily adapt. He makes fun of the hardcore bush-league action, but when pressed, he'll get as dirty as his opponent.

-He is best at brawling and high-spot matches. He's not a polished wrestler. He's in it to make the crowd pop, not put on a great wrestling match.

-His favorite weapon is a black skull cane. He does not carry it with him to the ring for matches, but he'll use it if the opportunity is there (or if it's under the ring).

-If with title, he has been known to do outrageous things to get his opponent disqualified or get himself disqualified. He'll do anything to keep a title once he has it. His belief is that once you have a title, it's more important to keep it than worry about great matches.

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