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Real Name: Richard Hertz

Also Known As: The New Mind Manipulator

Date of Birth: 11/13/1977

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Height: 6-2

Weight: 245

Status: Face (in Action) (heel in BRAND/PIW/TWW v.1)

Entrance Music: Chimaira "Empire" (Past: Korn 'Dirty'; Fear Factory 'Pisschrist'; Slayer 'Disciple'; Pantera 'Five Minutes Alone')

Manager: Amy King (Bait); (Past: Lisa Keown, PIW)

Wrestling Style: Hardcore

Match Writing Aid

Any Time Moves: Right-handed punches (sidearm style with a pretty good windup). Clothesline. Kicks. Low blow kick. Swinging neckbreaker. Russian leg sweep. Elbow to the top of the head (Dusty Rhodes style, well, without all the dancing).

Momentum Shifters: Drop toe hold (onto ropes or an object). Inverted death valley driver. He also enjoys doing big spots, so those usually cause a momentum change of some sort. DDT. A power side slam (which is holding someone on his right arm like for a powerslam, but then dropping them down on their neck, upper shoulders area).

Feeling Out Moves: Sharc prefers to start out the matches with brawling along the floor. If his opponent won’t play into that game plan, Sharc will target his opponent’s neck and head early, going for blood or to weaken the neck for one of his finishers. He also is prone to get into pinning reversals early in the match with quick attempts at a win.

Controlling Stage Moves: Dropkick to the spine (in a corner, or even a baseball slide on the mat). Boston crab. Backbreaker. Figure four around steel post (very rare). Usually a big spot involving a table, ladder, chair, bell, barbed wire board or whatever else he may find. They have to be outside the ring to avoid a DQ. Puts opponent face first into a corner and drives his shoulder into his opponent's lower back. Inverted neck snap.

Late Match Moves: Reverse DDT. Low blow kick, followed by an elevated DDT. Spinebuster slam. Sleeper hold bulldog. Sharc Cage (aka Styles Clash...Sharc puts his opponent into piledriver like position, but instead steps through, locking his opponents arms with his legs and then drives the opponent face first into the mat in a slam variation).

Alternate Finishers: Spinebreaker, a deathlock/chinlock combo, submission maneuver. Sharc Attack (Diamond Cutter).

True Finisher: Blood In The Water, an inverted brainbuster that lands his opponent on the back of his/her head, instead of the forehead. You have to be behind the person to execute it, grab them around the neck, lift them up and drop them down.

Entrance: The lights in the arena change to blood red as his theme music hits. He usually doesn't wait long to appear, but then will stand at the entryway for a moment, to take a look around at the audience, or his opponent, depending how deep the feud/history is between the two.

He will then slowly walk to the right, with his valet (if he has one at the time). At this point, not being distracted by anything as he stares at his opponent. Once at ringside, he will do one of two things. If his opponent is in the ring, he will go into the ring and start the brawl right off, or go in and wait, just staring at his opponent. In this case, if he doesn't know his opponent, he will likely just attack. If he knows him, he will wait to add the drama.

If his opponent is not in the ring, he will walk around to every side of the ring, and raise his arms to each side, soaking in the boos and insults from the fans.

He is hardly ever without his trusty barbed wire 2X4.

In-Ring Behaviour/Notations:

--Losing, not a big thing to Sharc. He is more concerned about putting on a great match. If you were to look at his career, it's been more on the losing note lately. But when a title is at hand, he is most dangerous. When going for any title in his career, he has always won it on the first try or been cheated out by outside factors.

--Bigger on putting on ECW-style matches. He likes big spots, weapons and getting the loudest pop of the shows. Thus his tendency to do incredibly stupid things that either hurt him, his opponent, or both. He approaches matches in a mixture of Foley/Sabu/DDP.

--But with the bigger moves, comes his nagging problem, a back injury. While some time off before coming here has helped, once the grind gets going, he may miss shows without working because some stunt aggravated his injury. His back is his Achilles heel.

--When it comes to women, well, if he gets the opportunity to hit a woman, he'll take it and smile. Throughout his career, he has gotten some legit heat by being a woman-beater. That has been toned down in the bigger feds, but if he gets the opening, he'll take it. A punch would be too easy though. It would be big and painful.

--He is the sort of guy who smiles when he's in submissions and his face is covered in blood. He believes the pain fuels him. But eventually, the more insane the match is, he does indeed run out of fuel. The key for his opponents is surviving longer than he does.

--If he has a valet/manager, she will interfere, regardless of if he is heel or face at the time. The pops from the crowd would simply be reversed, as the interference would be heelish or faceish. And no, he would never have a male manager. But she won't interfere when the match is on the line. Usually when he is in control and Sharc distracts the referee or he has take a ref-bump.

--He has not once in his career tapped out. He is a lot easier to pin than make submit. He would pass out before tapping out.

--If his opponent has a manager, they are in danger. He will go after them, no matter what.

--He will not smile in the ring until he has made someone bleed or hurt them severely. Otherwise, he has a cold stare and emotionless face.

--He enjoys gimmick matches more than traditional matches. Meaning, triple threat, no DQ, ladder match, whatever, as long as it isn't a regular count outs, DQs and rules. Too boring for him.

Allies: Diamondback.

Nemesis: KroW, Fiend, Kayden Paulton, Wippit Guud, Leprechaun

Title History: BRAND Name Champion; PIW Hardcore Champion; PIW Television Champion; TWW World Champion

Award History:


Intelligence: 9
Toughness: 8
Strength: 6
Speed: 7
Endurance: 9
Courage: 10
Charisma: 6
Skill: 8


[Life is static. Just a bunch of fuzzy lines with an occasional bit of clarity.]

'You can't fight nature.'

The time goes by so fast. But the memories don't go so easy.

Life is very strange and complicated. Things happen to each of us for a reason none of us understand until opportunity knocks. From the ashes of something bad comes something very good. Rebirth. A second chance. Tell me, when your chance at rebirth comes, who will you follow?

When you decide, you know where to find me.

My name is Richard, but everyone calls me Rich.

I love to feel pain. My body IS pain.

A town full of rich snobs. A town full of assholes. A town filled with pieces of garbage that populate every other town that I'm sure I would have known if I had not been born where I was.

Fat kids made fun of me. Girls made fun of me. Blacks made fun of me. Rich kids. Poor kids. Popular kids. Loser kids. Drug bag kids. Ugly fat girls. Everyone else in the middle kids. There were so many assholes and so many cheap shots, it's hard to even think of them all. If I look at a yearbook, there is not one face I can't associate with being a complete asshole to me. And this is how I grew up. And it kept going and going. Everywhere I went it stayed the same. My whole life I have been abused by everyone. I am alone. I have nothing. Except wrestling.

My life sucks. I go up and down, up and down, up and down. It's like I'm getting raped every day of my life. I'm sick of it. I can't play a good guy. I can't be a good guy.

I don't want to be a face. I don't want to be a heel. I want to be Sharc. I want to ruin everyone's lives. Because they don't deserve what they have now.

I am not a legend. I don't pretend to be. All I am, is a man who wants nothing more than to be at the top of this company, not for my ego, but just to prove that I am the best. When I grew up, I saw guys like Hogan and Flair leading this sport. They had the fans in the palms of their hands no matter what side of the fence they were on. That's what I want. I want to be the man. I want to be champion. Not because I THINK I deserve it, but because I actually DO deserve it.

I don't claim to be the best, because I don't have to. I don't have to claim to be the most evil, the most extreme, or the most anything. I don't give a shit about any of you. I'll beat anybody.

I hate everything. I hate everybody. I hate.

I am walking hate. I despise all that is alive. All my life people have trampled on me. Abused me. Stolen from me.

Any breathing human sucks.

You can't die by slitting your wrists. The blood don't flow out fast enough. Don't believe me? When I heard you couldn't die slitting your wrists, I couldn't believe it. But they were right.

Don't worry about me. Unless it's about me getting arrested, which I just might be willing to do for some payback.

Murder is a cheap way out. It's not really revenge. I mean, where is the fun of sticking a gun in somebody's mouth and pulling the trigger? All you get is splattered brains on the wall and the guy dropping a load in his shorts. You know what I find fun? Long term torture.

Don't expect me to follow any rules out there now.

I'm drowning my soul. I'm drowning my conscious.

There will be a look in my eyes that has only been seen in mass murderers. In serial killers. In killers, period. A blank look. As if their soul has left the body. Because I am casting my own soul out of my body to do what needs to be done. And my soul ain't coming back until I'm through disposing of your bodies. How do you hurt a man who has no feeling left inside? How do you break a man who breaks himself? How do you defeat a man who is possessed by evil in league with Satan? The real question should be, how the hell are you going to survive against me?

I will be a human zombie. You may rip my body to shreds, but it won't stop me on my quest for blood. Because I won't feel a damn thing except pleasure, whether it's inflicting pain on you, or having it inflicted on me.

If I have to, I'll rip your spot away from your cold dead hands.

'You can't fight God.'

It doesn't matter how desperate he is. I am a more desperate. If he is hungry for success, I'm starving for it. If he's a wrestling talent, then I am a wrestling God.

I'm your God, and I'm sentencing you to an eternity of suffering in hell.

You cross me, you will feel vengeance like you have never felt before

I will be your God. And you will my know my name is the lord, when I lay my vengeance upon you.

So, as always, we look to our Bible for some comfort.

Jesus may have mercy on your soul, but I'll have none on your body.

I don't make threats. All I do is destroy people's dreams. I ruin the lives of people who deserve to have them ruined. I ruin the ones who don't give a shit about anyone or anything. I ruin the lives of everyone going to hell. Because I'm going there anyway, and I just don't care anymore.

If you can't have their love, torture 'em. If you don't get their respect, you punish them.

You may destroy me at the start of the match for a few minutes. You may overpower me and hit big move after big move, throwing me all around the ring. But I'll be smiling. Enjoying every hard landing. Every twinge. Every bruise. I enjoy pain. But, you will not be able to pin me, oh no. You see, I feed on pain. As you continue to beat away on my body, I'll be getting stronger, while you will run out of steam. You'll be losing energy, while I'll just be warming up.

I have never had a broken bone in my life. I've been through car wrecks, fights in real life, and you should have seen some of the matches I did in XWL. I went through four stacked tables. I've been thrown off the top of ladders. I've had barbed wire, somewhere it should never be. XWL was wrestling hell. The pay was good. And I'm still young, so I can take it.

As great as I am, and as great as my finishing move is, the most devastating finisher ...

The move I will take everyone down with...


Water, it is how we survive. Without water, we as humans, would not exist. And then there is, blood. When your blood stops flowing in your body, you're dead. And then there is me. Sharc. Utterly vicious. You see, in life, you are all swimming in an aquarium, an I am a hunter. You all are my prey. In a world of good and evil, I exist to shred you. I exist to attack you. To brutalize you. To make you bleed. It no longer makes any difference to me if you claim to be a sinner or a saint, because, there are no saints. We're all going to hell, whether you like it or not. I don't want to personally, but with the stuff I've done, I doubt God would pass up pulling the cloud out from under my feet. Water is life. Blood is life. Sharc is death. That move, my finisher, the inverted brainbuster.

Who do we destroy after we've destroyed everybody?

'You can't fight fate.'

Why don't we talk about what the future holds.

Sharc rises from the water to destroy another unsuspecting victim. To terrorize the entire roster. To make them wonder, am I next? Will I be the next man to feel the jaws of death? Will I be able to walk out after my match? The answer is no.

I will have no mercy. I will not stop if you bleed and cry out in pain.

In this life, people are sacrificed for a greater good.

We all endure pain. I have to enjoy it. It's all I have.

I am nothing to nobody. I am shit. I am a disease that has no cure but death. Life is a curse.

Life is art. A point is in everything we do. Everything we see is a lesson.

So, I was walking home, staring at the road. I'm thinking, wouldn't it be cool to go out into the middle and lay down on the yellow stripe? See, that would be poetic. There would be a yellow stripe running down my back, yet, I would be doing the ballsiest thing you can, lay down as morons with cell phones, drunks and old farts drive around in the dark at 30 or 40 miles per hour. I don't fear anything. Not becoming roadkill. Not death.

Do you know what I did last night? I beat the living hell out of a man just for existing. I broke his fingers just because he ignored me.

Life doesn't always imitate art exactly

This Sharc is an emotionless creature. It is survival of the fittest in this ocean.

After taking you to hell in this world....

Leave you a bloody mess. A carcass. A nothing.

I'm going to try and send you there for real. Because you're going to hell. I'm going to hell. And when we're in hell, I'll kick your ass there too.

The evil is flowing in me.

I don't need you to approve of my methods. Because all I know is, my methods work.

Do not take my name in vain.

Ye shall seek me, and shall not find me: and where I am, thither ye cannot come. John 7:34.

'And you can't fight Sharc.'

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