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Hello. Welcome.

This is my place. All my works are collected here from the many ewrestling federations (or, fantasy wrestling) my characters have appeared in through the years, including my main characters, Trey Vincent and Sharc.

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It all started with a pen and a notebook (before I had the Internet) in a federation called the Xtreme Wrestling League, later renamed World Wrestling League.

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Once I got online, my first e-federation was Tidal Wave Wrestling. I wrote most of the shows for TWW from August until November of 2000 before the fed shut down.

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After many stops along the way, I arrived at my current -- and longest running -- e-fed, Brawlers On a Budget, a parody wrestling e-fed. There, I run the Web site, handle various characters, and write the majority of the shows. Also as a side project of BOB is the iAd's Mystery Sports Entertainment Theater 3000.

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Currently, I'm handling Trey Vincent and Sharc in All-Star Championship Wrestling and a tag team known as Cuatro Equis (Dos Equis & Futurequis) in New Frontier Wrestling. I also run the E-Wrestling Torch with my good friend Justin Voss.

-John Leary

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